Dream of: 07 January 2011 "Uncomfortable Feeling"

While I was working on my computer, I noticed that the bar (near the top of the screen) which contained icons for different web sites had been changed. There was now a new icon which looked like two teddy bears sitting next to each other. I realized Carolina had put the icon on my computer, and I thought perhaps her computer was now connected to mine. I wasn't sure, but I thought perhaps she could see what icons were on my computer and I would be able to see what icons were on her computer.

When I thought about Carolina, I realized I had really loved her. I had also loved my mother. Sometimes I had doubted that, but now I realized it was true.

I left and went to a small church. I walked inside. I thought I had brought my computer with me, because I wanted to work on it. Instead I realized I only had a piece of cheese and another piece of food in my hand. I walked up close to the front and sat down in a pew.

I quickly realized I needed to pee. The church was filling up with people, but the service hadn't started yet. I didn't want to sit in church for an hour with the uncomfortable feeling of needing to go to the bathroom. So I stood up and walked out to the front hallway where I started looking for the bathroom. I opened a couple doors but I couldn't find the bathroom. Finally I saw an open door with some clothes hanging over the top of the door. It looked like the bathroom. I knew I would have to move the clothes in order to shut the door. I headed for the door.

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