Dream of: 05 January 2011 "The Wreck"

Michelle and I were riding through the country in a big fancy car which my father had loaned me. As I was pulling over to the right side of the road and was rolling to a stop, I suddenly ran into a tree. Although I had pulled over on the right, I had hit the tree (which was right next to the road) with my left fender. Although I had barely hit the tree, I knew some damage had been done to the car. I jumped out and examined the fender. The only damage I saw was a little piece of metal which had broken off the left light. I thought I should be able to repair the damage without much trouble.

I reflected that I had already damaged the side of the car in a previous small accident. I knew my father was gong to be quite upset.

I was angry because I thought Michelle had caused the accident, and finally I even became convinced that Michelle had been driving. I became infuriated that she would have run into the tree.

Michelle also climbed out of the car. She was carrying a little baby which she had recently had.

I climbed back into the driver's seat only to discover a big fat fellow who had climbed into the front passenger seat. When I told him to get out, he said no. He said that Michelle had told him that he could get into the car. Apparently he wanted a ride.

I stepped back out of the car and asked Michelle if she had told the fellow he could get into the car. She said no. By now she was also angry and she said she wasn't getting back into the car. She said I would just have to leave her there.

When I climbed back into the car, the fellow got out. I felt like pulling off and leaving Michelle there, but I knew I couldn't abide leaving her out there in the country like that. I could see an intersection up ahead of us and it looked as if a little country store were there. I thought about pulling over up there. Instead I just sat there because I didn't want to leave Michelle with a baby out in the middle of nowhere. Nevertheless, I was still very upset.

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