Dream of: 04 January 2011 "Disorder"

I had moved into the House in Patriot where my grandparents Liston and Leacy were living. I was planning to stay in the House permanently. I thought I needed to get the House in order and fix it up a little. Suddenly, however, I realized I wasn't planning to live in the House in Patriot, but in the Gallia County Farmhouse. So I didn't need to make major changes in the House, but just straighten it up a little, because the House was in complete disorder. I was amazed that clutter was everywhere. I started picking things up and trying to straighten up the place. There was so much junk, I could hardly walk. Especially a lot of clothes were lying around. I realized I needed to wash the clothes and straighten them all up.

Leacy (about 60 years old) was standing there. Liston was somewhere in the background. I wondered which of them would die first. That was something that no one knew until it actually happened.

I continued picking up stuff. I picked up a little statue about 15 centimeters tall. It looked like a man with his arms held up in the air. I set it on the old bureau setting against the wall. (The bureau was on the opposite side of the room from where it normally sat.) I thought I would also set some other trinkets on the bureau.

I saw some coins which I thought about picking up and sticking in my pocket, but I didn't want to do that because I knew the coins weren't mine. It looked as if there was a place in the top of the statue where I could put the change. My sister showed up and started helping. A fellow was with her. Together they picked up some shelves which they intended to carry upstairs. I thought about helping them, but they looked as if they had it under control, so I let them carry the shelves by themselves.

Since clothes were piled all over the place, I thought I needed to go into the little utility room and clean it out. The washer and the dryer were in there. It was also filled with junk. Then I could pile all the dirty clothes in there. We had already cleaned out enough so we had some space. I thought we would soon be able to move around without problem.

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