Dream of: 03 January 2011 "Tax Bills"

I was in an upstairs bedroom of the Gallia County Farmhouse. My handyman George was lying on the bed. I knew George needed to work and I wished I could put him to work. I needed to have some work done, but I was running out of money. The wallpaper was coming off the walls in the room and other work needed to be done on the Farmhouse, which I would like to sell. Since I didn't have the money, however, I didn't know what I was going to do.

My father and my sister showed up. My father handed me some papers which he said were for me. I immediately saw that they were bills for property taxes which were due. Obviously my father now knew that I was behind in my property taxes, which was embarrassing.

I looked through the papers and looked at one several times. I was especially curious to know if attorney's fees had already been charged. It looked as if attorney's fees hadn't been charged. I figured a notice would first have to be sent before attorney's fees would be added. It looked as if about $3,000 was owed. I figured I would have to pay it to avoid any attorney's fees.

Finally, however, I realized the bill wasn't even for me, but for someone else on Scioto Trail in Portsmouth. The next bill also wasn't for me. It began to look as if none of the bills were for me. I asked my father how he had obtained the bills. He said the county had sent the bills to his insurance office. Apparently when people didn't pay their taxes, the county sent the bills to him so the houses could be insured. So now I was afraid he had found out that I owed taxes when the bills hadn't even been mine in the first place.

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