Dream of: 01 January 2011 "Trouble In Cancun"

I was riding in a camper with my grandparents Mabel and Clarence. We pulled into a parking lot where we had difficulty parking. Part of the problem seemed to be a peculiar rack (made of metal poles) which was attached to the back of the camper. It was six or seven meters tall and shaped like a triangle. I didn't even know its purpose. Finally a thin man walked up and removed the rack from the camper and pulled the rack away.

I climbed out of the camper and tried to find out what was going on. I found the man (probably in his early 20s) who had taken off the rack. He was in charge of the place, which seemed to be in a resort area. The man was obviously Hispanic and he spoke Spanish. When other people showed up and also began speaking Spanish, I realized I was in Mexico. I started talking good Spanish with the fellow, but he wanted to speak English, so we did. When I told him that we wanted our rack back, he became sassy and refused to return the rack. I could hear people talking in the background and I was glad I was able to understand Spanish. As the man and I started arguing, I became angry and I finally called him "a mother fucker." I knew my attitude was going to cause problems.

I thought I might have to find the man's superior. I left the fellow and started walking around in a labyrinthine mall-like area until I became lost. I started thinking about how dangerous Mexico was these days. Already I had started having trouble with this fellow whom I didn't even know. Nor did I know with whom he might be connected. I began to think I might be in trouble.

Fortunately the area seemed to be high-class. Everyone was well dressed. Finally I realized I was in Cancun. All I needed to do was to return to Mabel and Clarence and see if we could talk to someone about getting our rack back.

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