Dream of: 31 December (2) 2010 "Draining A Pond"

I was in an old two-story frame house which I was thinking about buying. I had already started working on the house. George (my handy man) was working in the bathroom. I looked into the bathroom and was surprised to see that George had torn out the ceiling. Water was flowing everywhere out of the ceiling.

After he managed to turn off the water, we walked outside into the back yard where there was a large pond which was all grown-up with weeds. I liked the pond. I knew that cleaning out the pond would be expensive, but I wanted to keep it.

I thought I needed to tell George that I was going to have to report everything I paid him to the IRS because I was planning to buy the house as a partner with someone else and I would need to keep careful track of all my expenses. I felt good about working again with George, but I only had four or five thousand dollars. I thought I had enough to fix up the house, but I wouldn't have any extra money.

My father showed up. It turned out that he owned the house and I was buying it from him. He said that someone wanted to buy the pond. Since I didn't want him to sell the pond before I bought the house, I asked him if he had signed anything yet. I was relieved when he said he hadn't, since I knew a signed document was required to sell real estate. Therefore he wasn't obliged to sell the pond to anyone else.

George started working on a pipe which was running from the pond to the house. I noticed a valve which could be used to turn of the water. But then I noticed a piece of the pipe was missing, so it wasn't hooked up anyway.

As I looked into the pond, I noticed a turtle (about 15 centimeters in diameter) under the water. It was swimming away from the bank. I wondered if there were any fish in the pond.

Finally, George and I actually drained all the water out of the pond. The only water left was inside a little bucket which I was holding. I looked into the bucket to see if there were any fish, but there weren't any.

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