Dream of: 31 December 2010 "Gun-Fight"

I had gone to visit Ramey (who died in 2008). He was living in a two-story frame house on Brown Street (close to Third Street) in Portsmouth. When I arrived, both Ramey and Walls were present (both about 20 years old). When I asked Ramey if he could sell me a joint, he acted as if he could, but I figured the joint would be extremely small. I didn't know whether he intended to charge me five dollars, especially if I smoked the joint with him. He rolled up the joint and we smoked it. I immediately became so high, I almost seemed to be in a coma.

I told Ramey and Walls that I would really like to manufacture some acid and that I had wanted to manufacture acid for a long time. I thought it might take me five years to figure out how to do it. I told them that if we didn't do it, in five years we wouldn't have anything, but if we started working on it, we would be able to do it.

As I continued talking, they seemed somewhat interested. Finally I diverged into a little fantasy about the three of us dealing large quantities of marijuana together. I thought we could set up a little company. Walls would have the hard job because he would be the one actually selling the marijuana. Both Ramey and I would be managers, on different levels. I even imagined storing the marijuana in a big warehouse somewhere in Portsmouth, and I could see myself standing outside the warehouse. An Hispanic looking fellow stepped up in front of the warehouse and began asking me questions. I suspected that he wanted to work for us, but I didn't want to bring anyone else into the enterprise.

I even imagined someone showing up with a gun and I could see a gun-fight developing over the marijuana.

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