Dream of: 28 December 2010 "Writing A Will"

Michelle was competing against four or five other girls on a game show in which Michelle had to show how she was dealing with her life. In conjunction therewith, she had to write a will. I was helping her compose the will which included three beneficiaries: her surrogate mother Carol, her real mother Kim, and her grandmother. The name of each person was written in a different color in the will. On a specified line Michelle wrote the names and the amount of money which would be left to each person. Carol's name and her grandmother's name were written first. Her grandmother (whose color in the will was yellow) was going to receive most of the money.

We were using an office which belonged to an attorney. Other attorneys, who apparently were helping the other contestants write their wills, were also present. We all had to complete the wills within a certain amount of time. One of the other attorneys reminded me of one of my old law school classmates, Moon. I was a little peeved at Moon because he was using some of the books in the office to help him write a will, while the other attorneys weren't. I wondered if he would be penalized for using the books.

I wasn't using a book. I was simply writing out Michelle's will from scratch. I told someone that I knew how to write most of the will, but that I wasn't going to remember every little detail which was normally included in a will. I said the will would nevertheless be a good one. I said that the will would be effective if Michelle merely said that she was leaving everything to one person. Michelle, however, was dividing her estate among several different people and not simply leaving everything to one person, so I had to be sure I wrote the will correctly.

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