Dream of: 26 December 2010 "Unfortunate Flood"

I had stored dozens of black plastic bags of my belongings at the bottom of Symmes Creek in front of the Gallia County Farmhouse. Unfortunately a flood had occurred and I knew all my belongings would be washed away.

I could see the swift current of the creek. I was standing outside my car on the road on the other side of the creek from the Farmhouse. I wanted to pull my car back up the road, but the water was over the road so I couldn't pull back. I waited and waited. Another person was with me and I told him that all my stuff would end up down in the Mississippi. I thought that after the water receded, I might still be able to find some bags of my stuff along the banks of the creek. Of course a lot of it would sink to the bottom and I would never be able to find it.

As I watched, the creek rapidly receded. I walked over to the bridge in front of the Farmhouse and looked down at the creek, which was almost completely inside its banks again. I told the other person that we could probably go down into the creek and see what we could recover. It might not be too late to salvage something.

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