Dream of: 24 December (3) 2010 "Attacked"

I had fashioned living quarters for myself in an old warehouse in a run-down section of Portsmouth. I had used dry-wall to build new walls in an interior section of the warehouse.

While I was in the warehouse, someone attacked it by firing guns at it. Two policemen quickly arrived. A woman (who was living in the warehouse with me) and I walked outside to meet the cops who weren't sure who had caused the problem. The cops wanted to question us, so one walked off with the woman while the other walked off with me. The cop and I walked a short distance to Tracy Park near downtown Portsmouth. He seemed very disdainful of my staying in the warehouse. He wanted to know if I had somewhere else to go and I tried to explain to him that I lived in the warehouse.

Some work was taking place in the park, apparently for a playground. The cop made a disparaging remark as if to say that I didn't care about the park. I said, "Who do you think plays there?" I was trying to point out that people in this neighborhood (such as myself) were the people who used the park. I wanted him to know that if I had children, they would be playing in the park. But he just didn't seem to understand what I was trying to say.

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