Dream of: 24 December (2) 2010 "Comic Book Auction"

I was in a building where an auction was taking place. There wasn't much of interest except some comic books. I bid $10 for two of the comic books and I won. There were 20-30 more comic books which no one bid on. I knew those comic book would be re-offered at the end of the auction as a lot. The winning bidder would have to buy all the comics for a certain price (maybe twenty-five to fifty cents apiece) for the whole lot. The comics weren't great, but if I could buy them for a low price, I would still be interested.

At the end of the auction, the comics went up for sale. A black-haired foreign-looking fellow (about 25 years old) immediately bid twenty-five cents apiece. The auctioneer, however, thought the fellow had said twenty-five dollars, apparently for the whole lot. The fellow couldn't speak good English and he was obviously mad at the auctioneer's mistake, but the auctioneer wouldn't change the bid. I wanted to bid fifty cents, but it looked as if I wasn't going to be able to.

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