Dream of: 19 December (2) 2010 "Exposed"

My father, my crippled brother Chris and I were in a house where we were living together. When my father got ready to leave, I picked up Chris and carried him out front. As I stood with Chris in front of the building, my father departed, but I thought he would be coming back.

After I sat down with Chris in front of the building, I realized we had actually been inside a school, not a house. A woman (around 20 years old) walked up and started to enter a door of the school. A man walked up behind her. As I watched the woman, I noticed that the green pants which she was wearing were pulled down so far behind that half her butt was visible. It didn't even look as if she were wearing panties.

The man who was behind her stopped her. Apparently he was a teacher or an official there at the school. He told her to pull up her pants and he even started helping her pull them up. It looked to me as if he were actually getting a little too close. After they walked inside, I also stood up and entered the school.

As I was walking inside, I thought to myself that I could now tell Michelle that I had seen a woman who had worn her pants even lower than Michelle's. I knew Michelle often wore her pants so low that the top of her butt was sometimes exposed.

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