Dream of: 17 December 2010 "Energy Plant"

I was with my father in the place where he worked in Portsmouth. As I walked around, I realized the place was a gigantic plant for producing energy. I walked outside onto a metal platform where my father was standing. We were a couple stories high, in the inner confines of the plant. I was amazed at the vast layout of complicated machinery which stretched out before me. I had lived in Portsmouth all my life and had never been aware the place even existed. I wondered if more such places existed in Portsmouth. I thought about how I had never been inside the train terminals in Portsmouth and I thought they might also be someplace I would like to see.

I was unsure I was allowed to be in the energy plant; nevertheless I wondered off alone to explore. I had the feeling I could work there if I wanted. Even though I was growing old, I could start a new career and learn how to work on the complex machines there. If I did so, I would want to learn as much as I could about electricity. I would study the atom and electrons intensely.

I continued walking until I was on the ground level where the walls were constructed of ponderous brown stones. It almost looked like a dungeon. I wasn't sure I was allowed to explore this area, but I continued on.

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