Dream of: 11 December 2010 "Ben Grimm"

Together with woman who was sitting on my left, I was watching a scene wherein knights on horses were preparing for battle. As the scene progressed, I almost seemed to be creating the action from my imagination. I imagined the knights storming into a castle and fighting off the defenders. They descended some stairs, shooting arrows at the same time at the enemy.

Suddenly a group of knights actually galloped past us on horses. They began throwing spears, and when one spear flew toward the woman and me, I reached up and grabbed the spear in mid-air. I said something to the woman about how the spear had been headed right toward her.

As I held the wooden spear in my hand, I began scrutinizing the metal tip. I saw printing on the metal which stated where the tip had been made: somewhere in the state of New York. I thought I could get on the internet and find the exact town where the metal tip had been manufactured. That would be interesting. I thought I might also take off the tip of the spear and keep it. I might even start a collection of spear tips. I had previously owned some spears, but collecting spears had proven too cumbersome. Maybe simply collecting the tips of spears would be practical.

It almost seemed as if the woman and I were sitting in a restaurant. When a man walked toward us, I recognized him as the actor John Goodman (although at the time I couldn't remember his name). I thought about how he had played different roles in different movies and television shows. His character had never been well-defined, until now, for now he seemed like the character Ben Grimm from the comic book The Fantastic Four. I thought this character was an improvement for him.

Suddenly I awoke and realized I was in the House in Patriot. My paternal grandparents, Mabel and Clarence, as well as my maternal grandmother, Leacy, were sleeping in the next room. I didn't want to wake them up. I stood up out of the bed and walked over to a book shelf. I climbed up the book shelf to the top where some jelly beans were lying. I wanted to eat a couple of the jelly beans. I picked out two red ones and one of another color.

When I climbed back down and began thinking about what I had just experienced, I realized that I had been dreaming and that I needed to write the dream. When I thought back over the dream, I was especially intrigued by the character Ben Grimm and by the Fantastic Four. I started thinking about how I had been writing books of dreams on different subjects, and it occurred to me that comic book heroes would make a good them for a book of dreams. I could write a book about the Fantastic Four and I might also be able to write a book about Spider-Man. A compilation of all my Spider-Man dreams would make a particularly intriguing book.

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