Dream of: 07 December 2010 "Stained Glass"

My father and I were sitting in the middle living room of the Summerdale Drive House (the ranch style house in Texas where I lived from 1993 to 2006). I was looking through a book which contained pictures of stained glass windows. I had been thinking lately of making a stained glass window and installing it in the House. Finally I came to a page which showed a large stained glass window which consisted of five or six panels, each panel about two meters tall and about a half meter wide. Each panel depicted the life-size image of a person. All the panels were very colorful and the people in the panels seemed to be abstract and seemed to portray different professions.

I spread the magazine out in front of my father so he could see it. I realized the panels in the magazine were about the same size as the rear window in the House, and I thought it might be possible to make such a window and install it there. My father looked at the photo and we talked about the possibility of making such a window. He seemed interested and I thought maybe we could even work together on such a project. He said, however, that I wouldn't want to install it in the Summerdale Drive House because such a window should be installed in a larger and more opulent house. I agreed with him.

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