Dream of: 05 December (2) 2010 "Cherry Pie"

I was in an old apartment (with several rooms) where Michelle (who was about 25 years old, and looked like my ex-wife Carolina) was living. Suddenly the police barged in. In a whirlwind they arrested Michelle for possession of drugs and hauled her away. I knew that she had been selling drugs out of the apartment and that people had been coming there to buy them. A tall plain-clothes police officer (about 40 years old) started talking to me. I had noticed that he had spoken some Spanish when he had arrested Michelle, so when he asked me my name, I answered him in Spanish, "Me llamo Esteban."

I had debated whether to say "Steven" or "Esteban," then opted for "Esteban" since that was my name in Spanish. The officer and I continued talking for a bit in Spanish and he told me he was debating whether he was going to arrest me. I was trying to think of the reasons why he shouldn't arrest me. I thought of telling him that I was an attorney and that being arrested would cause me a lot of problems. Therefore I would be compelled to vigorously gainsay the charge.

I also thought of telling him that there were no "affirmative links" between me and any drugs in the apartment. Indeed, I didn't know anything about the drugs. I thought when I used the words "affirmative links," he would understand that I knew about that legal concept because I was an attorney.

When I suddenly heard another voice, I looked but didn't see anyone. When I turned back around, the policeman who had been questioning me, as well as all the other policemen, had disappeared. The only person left was a black man (about 50 years old, dressed in a red shirt) who was sitting in a chair. He had said something to someone who had come to the door. Apparently the person at the door had been looking for drugs, and the black man had told him where he could go to find drugs. I then realized that the black man was there because he was trying to get Michelle's drug business, and that he was now directing people who came to Michelle's apartment to go to another address.

As I glanced around, I realized the police apparently hadn't even searched the place. Hardly anything had been touched. I wondered if they had found Michelle's pills and I wondered where the pills were hidden. I seemed to recall her having said that the drugs were hidden in some kind of pie box. It seemed as if she had specifically mentioned something about a cherry pie. I started looking around the room for a cherry pie box, but I didn't see one.

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