Dream of: 05 December 2010 "Hitting The Grasshopper"

Howard Stern had been arrested because he had made fun of some local police on his radio show. Since I was somehow connected with Stern, I had gone to the police station to visit him. When I arrived, I also said something which poked fun at the police, and they threatened to also put me under arrest. When they finally actually arrested me, I became incensed. For a moment, as four or five mean-looking police officers stood around us, I thought they were going to become physical and start beating me. I told Stern we should sue the police for a section 1983 violation of civil rights because the arrests had definitely violated our civil rights.

 I knew that Stern had made his statement while he had been broadcasting his radio show, and I thought the radio station would stand behind him. I thought that newspapers and journalists would also back Stern, and that he would ultimately prevail.

In my mind I compared the present imbroglio to a gulf game. My imagination became so strong, I even had a golf ball and a gulf club with which I was practicing. The ball was lying at the bottom of some steps, and I had to knock the ball up over the steps. Since the ball was right against the bottom step, I thought if I could simply move the ball back just a little, I would have a better chance of hitting it up the steps. I took a couple practice swings.

Another boy standing nearby also had a club and he was likewise taking practice swings.

As I continued practicing, the gulf ball looked more like a large grasshopper, about five centimeters long. I actually hit the grasshopper a couple times with my club and I knocked two holes in the grasshopper's chest. I thought the boy and I needed to be careful, because we would need to practice for about a month, and we didn't want to completely destroy the grasshopper during that month.

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