Dream of: 25 November 2010 "Bucking Bronco"

I was standing in the back yard of a small white cottage which I owned, looking it over. I had been staying on a bed which was set up in the back yard. The area around my bed was private, even though someone was living in the house. The houses on both sides of my house were abandoned. People did live in the houses further away, but I still had a certain amount of privacy.

I lay down on the bed and began thinking I didn't know what I would do if it rained. Since the bed was sitting on a concrete slab, I thought I might be able to crawl under the bed. Hopefully the water wouldn't flow under the bed.

Suddenly I heard voices, looked up and saw Louise and another fellow walking toward me. I stood up and greet her. She looked about 30 years old and was very friendly. We walked around in the back yard and I told her I owned the cottage. She seemed surprised, but she didn't seem judgmental about my living outside. I told her that someone else was living in the house and that I actually owned three houses. I pointed out the garage (which was quite a mess) and told her I was working on it. Obviously the garage was under construction.

The other fellow stayed with her the whole time, but he just seemed to be a friend.

We finally ended up on the roof of the garage. I hand-dropped back to the ground, but the height was too far for her. I stood next to the garage and told her she could step down on my shoulders. Instead of standing on my shoulders, she dropped all the way down so she was sitting on my shoulders. She wasn't heavy. I began walking around with her on my shoulders. I said, "Just imagine I'm a bucking bronco." I bucked a little and thought about how I used to do that when she and I had been a couple.

As I finally let her down on the ground, I told her she had kept her body in good shape. She was thin. I reflected that I was also thin. I said, "You look good. You look real good."

I almost felt like kissing her on the forehead. I even thought about saying, "I love you." But I didn't think that would be a good idea.

As I talked, I noticed my voice seemed deep and gravely. I told her I had a bit of sore throat, even though my throat wasn't actually sore. Louise responded that I had a "poor throat." I said, "Yea, I have a bit of a poor throat."

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