Dream of: 16 November 2010 (2) "Soup Cans"

I was living in a room which I had rented in a upper-middle-class house where a man and a woman lived. I had taken the liberty of going into the living room of their section of the house and I had placed all kinds of things I had collected onto some shelves in the room. Among the items was a collection of old empty quart-size soup cans with peculiar designs on the labels. I had also arranged many pieces of glassware. Slowly I began to realize I had gone a bit too far, especially since the man and woman were now in the room and were entertaining some guests. I began to realize my arrangements were quite tacky.

I walked from my room into the living room. The man was sitting at a table and appeared to be playing cards with some other men. A girl (about 20 years old) was sitting over to the side. I sat down and didn't say anything to anyone. I now saw the ugliness of my handy-work. No one said anything, but I wondered if everyone was looking at the junk. Finally I stood up and walked back into my room and sat down. I was feeling bad.

I suddenly realized it was Saturday. I also remembered I was attending law school. I thought I had wasted the whole day and I needed to study at least one day on the weekend. I thought I needed to pull out my books and look at them. I especially needed to study my real property material. I thought there must be some way to learn my subjects without going into every little detail.

I reflected that I was getting older and I wondered what kind of law office I wanted to open. I walked over to the bed. I realized I had peed a little bit into a cup and stuck the cup sideways under the mattress. A tiny bit of pee had spilled out onto the floor. I thought that was disgusting. I pulled out the cup from under the mattress and set the cup down. I lay down on the bed. I thought I definitely needed to start studying and thinking about what kind of law I was going to practice.

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