Dream of: 15 November 2010 "Laetia"

I was being visited by a man who apparently was a detective. I was living on the third floor of an apartment building. The detective (about 40 years old) was a thin fellow wearing a trench coat. He was talking with me about a girl who apparently had disappeared. I had known her, but not well, and I didn't know anything about what had happened to her. Although the detective was friendly, I felt in a way as if I were being interrogated. He joked and laughed. When he was finished talking to me, he gave me his card, which had his name written on it. It looked as if his first name was "Elrand." He said the first letter, however, was pronounced like a German o-umlaut. I pronounced the name.

I noticed he had a strong accent and I asked him if he were from Ireland. He said no, that he was from Scotland. Suddenly I remembered that I was actually in England. Referring to Scotland's location, I said, "Up north."

He replied, "Yea."

As he was getting ready to leave, I suddenly remembered one thing which I knew about the case. I knew the girl who had disappeared had had a boyfriend and I knew the boyfriend had another girlfriend. I recalled the name of the other girlfriend. I took his card and wrote the other girl's name, "Laetia," on the back of the card. I wrote in big letters and I had difficulty writing. I couldn't seem to write in a straight line. I handed the card to him. He seemed to appreciate my input.

I walked him all the way down to the bottom entrance. Another woman who apparently lived in the building was leaving at the same time. Several other people also appeared to be leaving. Just as we reached the front door, the detective turned to me and asked me if I would like to go for a "suki." He held his fingers as if he were holding an imaginary cup and raised them to his lips. I understood that a "suki" was some kind of non-alcoholic oriental drink and he was inviting me to go with him to drink some suki. I said, "When?"

He replied, "Now."

Although I really didn't want to go, I said, "Ok."

I turned and headed back up the stairs so I could put on some shoes. I also needed to grab my billfold. I started lumbering up the two stories of stairs.

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