Dream of: 14 November 2010 "Nasty Little Thing"

I was in a room with Carolina (about 30 years old). She had her little round-faced baby with her. At first it only looked eight or nine months old, but I finally concluded it was fifteen months old. It was sitting on the side of a couch. When it looked as if it were going to topple off, I started to catch it, but Carolina picked it up before I could do anything. Carolina laid it down on the couch with its head on a pillow. It looked as if it were immediately going to fall asleep, which it did.

Carolina climbed onto the couch and placed her knee on the baby's chest. The pressure apparently pinched the baby, because it suddenly woke up and was wide awake. The baby began violently kicking at Carolina. I said, "She's a nasty little thing, fighting with her mother like that."

I was only kidding, but the baby was indeed an energetic little creature, fighting against Carolina like that. 

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