Dream of: 13 November 2010 (2) "Bear Refuge"

I was staying with a bunch of people (everyone had black hair) in a little house which vaguely seemed to be in Mexico. Everyone was young, except for one old woman (about 70 years old). Two or three of the people (including the old woman) were leaving on a trip. They headed for the front door and as soon as they stepped outside, it started raining. The old woman had piled some of her belongings into a little wagon which she was pulling. Her wagon tipped over right in front of the door and all her things fell onto the wet ground. Although no one else in the house made a move to assist the old woman, I thought I would help her.

By the time I stepped outside, the old woman had already walked off. I looked at the stuff which she had left dumped out on the ground. It all looked like junk; most of it was little toys which amounted to nothing. I picked up one small rubber toy and held it in my hand. I tried to decide what to do with it and finally concluded that helping the old woman with the junk wasn't worthwhile.

The old woman was planning on boarding a plane, and planes were lining up right in front of the house and taking off. I stood and watched the planes taxi past the house and then take off. Some looked like executive jets. The planes were taking off quickly, one after the other. Near the end of the runway were some ramps where some people appeared to be loading things. Just past the end of the runway were tall trees which the planes had to pass over while taking off. The planes had to climb precipitously to miss the tall trees. I realized the trees hadn't been cut because they served the purpose of forcing the planes to rise so high so fast. I wondered if flights had to be postponed if a strong wind was blowing from the runway toward the trees; in such a scenario, it seemed the wind could blow the planes right into the trees.

I finally walked back into the house. Immediately a woman (around 20 years old) walked up to me and said that a bear was in the house. She said that the bear was being kept as a pet and that it had scratched her on the back. She turned around and raised her dress. She wasn't wearing panties. At first I thought I was going to become sexually aroused. I expected to see a little scratch. Instead I saw a vicious and deep claw mark on her left buttock. There was nothing sexual about it. The claw mark looked a bit like a horseshoe with the ends sticking up. At the curve at the bottom, another gash went straight down. It was peculiar. I was shocked by the depth of the gash. After she stepped over to the side, another woman walked up and showed me an identical gash on her butt. I immediately realized the bear was highly dangerous. I hadn't paid much attention to it, although I had noticed it running around the house. It was a brown bear and I estimated it was seven or eight years old. I then noticed that altogether, five or six animals were running around the house, a dog, a bear, and at least three other animals.

Twenty-five to thirty people were gathered in the living room, standing around the perimeter. Half the people were probably just children. I knew five women (all about 20 years old) were among the group. While we were all in the circle, we began talking about the bear problem and the animal problem. The first woman who had showed me the claw mark was named Debbie and she was sitting to my left. Somebody said the bear was "Debbie's bear."  As we talked, I noticed lying on a table a paper which talked about a "bear refuge" where bears could be sent.

Although I had only been staying in the house for three days, the others seemed to respect what I had to say and almost seemed to regard me as an authority figure. I told Debbie we should think about doing something with the bear and that perhaps we could give it to a place such as was described in the paper. She immediately clammed up and looked off into the distance. Obviously she didn't want to get rid of her bear.

I then noticed a little baby bear was also running around the room. I asked them where the little bear had come from and the oldest woman there (around 40 years old) said they had gotten the bear from across the street. Apparently a place across the street was selling little bears. I was definitely bothered that little bears were being sold so near. I thought we also needed to do something with the little bear.

Finally I just sat back and closed my eyes. I reflected about how good it felt to be in a circle with these people. I thought it would be nice if we could tell stories or dreams to each other. However, I didn't think that would be appropriate at the moment.

When I opened my eyes, I saw two fellows (probably in their early 20s) had walked into the room. They were both pulling on their shirts. Apparently they had lived in the house for a long time. They started talking and the attention shifted to them. I was uncertain whether I wanted to have anything to do with them.

One of the five young women was sitting to my right. I hadn't noticed at first, but she had had her arm around me the entire time I had been sitting there. I could feel that she wanted to be with me. Suddenly I also felt close to her. I seemed to be wondering what the other four women would think, but it really didn't matter what they thought because this one woman liked me and I suddenly felt myself liking her. It felt as if she and I were already a couple.

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