Dream of: 13 November 2010 "Queequeg"

I was talking with Anderson (my old friend since high school), about Herman Melville's Moby-Dick. We talked for quite a while. I was particularly interested in the scene at the beginning of the book when Ishmael had attended a sermon in a church. As we talked, I seemed to have such an intense grasp of the church-scene, I almost seemed to be in the church itself. I could even see characters from the book sitting along one wall. I recognized one as Queequeg and I pointed him out to Anderson. I was proud to be familiar enough with Queequeg to actually know his name.

An over-arching question which was unconnected to the book was on my mind and I told Anderson that only one question interested me. When he asked what the question was, I told him I wanted to know what there was before the beginning. By "beginning," I meant the beginning of all things in the universe. I mentioned to him that I had earlier brought up the subject in our discussion. I said to Anderson, "I think you can become an erudite person just from studying a question."

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