Dream of: 07 November 2010 "A Curiosity"

While in the House in Patriot, I discovered a small animal. At first it looked like a mouse, only it seemed larger than a mouse. Its head was white and its body was black. It looked as if it were just a baby. It had fallen off something high down to the ground. I used something to pick it up. It looked as if it had broken its leg.

My mother (only about 40 years old) was there. I showed the animal to her and asked her what she thought it was. I told her I thought it was a little bear. She looked at it, said, "No," then said what kind of animal she thought it was. I told her I had never heard of that kind of animal before. She said something else, then touched the animal. I laid it on the table and it almost escaped. I called it a "bitch" and some other curse words. I started looking around for something to put the animal in. As my mother started to walk off, I asked her if she had a little cage. She didn't pay any attention to me. Finally I found a little plastic box and I thought I would put the animal in the box. I wanted to try to nurse it back to health, if possible. I thought I might be able to help it. The animal was cute, although I wasn't attached to it. It was more of a curiosity than anything.

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