Dream of: 04 November 2010 (2) "Endearing Gesture"

I was with a fellow (around 20 years old) who vaguely seemed like Steve Buckner. He and I climbed up a cliff and came out in the back yard of a house. At the top, we had to climb over a mound of sand to reach the actual back yard. I had been there before. A very pretty woman lived in the house. I had been with her before, and it seemed as if I might have previously had sex with her. Buckner and I were now both thinking about having sex with her.

Once we were in the back yard, we both pulled down our pants exposing our erect penises, and sat down on the ground. Two other fellows showed up and they also pulled down their pants. One of the fellows stood so close to me, I told him to get away from me. I was afraid he might have an orgasm and ejaculate on me. The second fellow (who was younger) rolled off of something and rolled onto me. I had to push him away.

I could already see the woman (probably in her early 20s) through the back door of the house. She was very beautiful. She had luscious well-formed breasts. To my dismay, two men were also in the house. A tall black-haired fellow (it looked as if he were wearing black leather) walked out the back door and asked for "Steve Collier." I said, "I'm Steve Collier."

I suddenly realized the fellow must be the husband of the woman. I immediately began pulling up my pants. I didn't want him to see me with my pants down. My erection quickly began to fade. The man didn't seem belligerent. He even seemed somewhat friendly. He said he had put on a record for my brother. I asked, "Which brother?"

He replied, "Chris."

I realized he had put on some kind of album to make me think about my brother Chris. I said, "Thank you."

I wasn't sure why, but I thought he had made an endearing gesture toward me. It looked as if we might not have trouble after all.

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