Dream of: 04 November 2010 "Sleeping Bears"

I was sitting on the back of a bicycle behind a fellow, who seemed to be someone I knew (around 30 years old), who was steering the bicycle. We were riding down a country road. Earlier I had been smoking some marijuana, and the fellow seemed to be a counselor who counseled people regarding marijuana. As I talked with him about marijuana, I had the felling he didn't smoke much. When I asked him if he got high from pot, he said, "No."

I wondered exactly what I myself felt when I was high. I felt high at the moment, but I couldn't exactly define what made my present feeling seem different from normal reality.

As we continued riding along, I lifted my legs into the air behind me so my body was stretched out parallel to the ground, as if I were flying, but holding on with my hands. I blurted out, "Look at me!"

A girl was supposed to be following us somewhere behind.

As we continued along the country road, I looked to my right and noticed something brown in the branches of a tree. At first I thought it was a bird, but when we were closer, I realized it was a big sleeping grizzly bear. I pointed it out to the other fellow.

By then we were both riding separate bicycles and he was up ahead of me. I looked and saw a second grizzly bear which seemed to be lying on a platform in another tree. Then I saw a third and a fourth bear in trees. All the bears were asleep.

Meanwhile the other fellow had stopped in front of a fence. Shocked, I suddenly realized a fifth bear was lying asleep right on the other side of the fence near the fellow. He didn't see the fifth bear because he was looking at the other bears. When the fifth bear suddenly woke up, I realized the bear was going to attack the fellow. When the bear stood up and reached its front paws over the fence, it looked like a lion instead of a bear. The lion grabbed the fellow by the neck. I had also stopped and I was trying to think of something to do to save the fellow.

At the same time I was visualizing what would happen next. I thought the lion would simply bite the fellow's head off and I knew I wasn't going to be able to do anything to prevent it.

I thought, however, I might be able to stop the girl who was following us from reaching this dangerous point.

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