Dream of: 03 November 2010 (2) "Party In Mexico"

I was in a hotel in Mexico City, Mexico. I walked down the stairs into the lobby. I was looking for George Musser (an acquaintance in Portsmouth when I was in high school), but I thought his name was "George Howard." I had seen him earlier, but he had left. I thought he had a room in the hotel.

A pretty black-haired woman (about 30 years old) was standing behind the counter. When I asked her about George, she pulled out something which had his phone number on it. At the same time she said he owed six dollars and something in back rent for a room.

Six other American fellows whom I knew showed up. As we all talked and walked outside onto the sidewalk, I called George's number on my cell phone. He answered and said he was at another motel and he mentioned something about an American woman who was with him. I wanted to get together with him but he seemed reluctant to come to the hotel. I figured he was only about six blocks away. Even though it was only about 10 a.m., I mentioned that we could go and get a beer. He still seemed reluctant. I was feeling exuberant and I wanted to have a good time. I told him we were in Mexico City, insinuating that we should party. I could hear the voice of the American woman in the background over the phone. She said I was going to get George drunk - obviously she was against the idea. It looked as if she was going to be a problem. Since I had a car, and I knew he didn't, I told him I could come and fetch him. As the other fellows and I walked down the street, I gave my phone number to George. The first three digits were "272."

The others and I finally walked into a building, and as we walked along a corridor, I became separated from them. I finally came out into a large gymnasium. Music was playing and seven or eight girls were dancing on the floor. One pretty girl (about 20 years old) was wearing a bib top which barely covered her breasts. I liked her looks.

I started going around the perimeter of the gymnasium so fast it seemed as if I were on roller skates. In the process, I somehow got a glimpse of myself. I only looked about 20 years old. I continued skating, but finally stopped in front of a girl who looked as if she were naked. When I looked at her naked breasts and then down between her legs, I realized she was sporting an erect penis. The sight was extremely disgusting.

Finally one of the other Americans who had been with me walked into the gymnasium and came over to me. I realized it was Buckner (although he didn't look like Buckner). Three fellows menacingly walked up to him. Now I really wished George was with me, since George was so strong.

One of the three fellows stood to Buckner's left, one to his right, and one in front of him. They all looked disgusting. When one of them looked at me and told me to go away, I replied, "He's my friend."

I didn't intend to abandon Buckner. When two of the fellows grabbed Buckner's legs, I grabbed his hands and was able to pull him away from the others. One of the fellows stepped right up to my face. I was probably a foot taller than he. When he saw I was prepared to fight, he stepped back. I noticed he had some blood on his mouth.

Once I had asserted myself, it looked as if they were all going to back off.

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