Dream of: 02 November 2010 "The Vendetta"

Michelle and I were standing in a little booth with a curtain for a door. We were in a grocery store, getting ready to check out. I was watching the check-out line while Michelle was looking at something else. Abruptly I noticed two black fellows step up to the check-out counter. One was short (only about five foot tall) while the other was a big muscular fellow. They looked in our direction and as soon as they saw Michelle, they started walking back toward us. I recalled that a couple black fellows were supposed to have a vendetta against Michelle, and I thought these two might be the ones. I quickly told Michelle that someone was coming.

Suddenly the curtain was pulled back. The short fellow grabbed Michelle by the arm and pulled her out of the booth. At first I didn't think there was anything to worry about because I didn't think the fellow was going to bother her, but after a moment, I began to think there might be a problem. When I finally stepped out of the booth, I could no longer see Michelle and the short fellow. I walked around until I saw the fellow in the magazine section; but I couldn't see Michelle. I walked closer until I was able to see her lying on the floor, with one arm propping her up. Obviously the short fellow had hit her and clearly she was injured. I bristled and blurted, "You bastard!"

I was ready to attack the fellow. When he saw me, he started running and headed toward the front door. I hollered, "Get that guy!"

Nobody did anything, however, and the fellow escaped. I headed back toward Michelle.

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