Dream of: 01 November 2010 "Hit From A Bong"

I was sitting in the front row of a classroom which contained about 30 students. The teacher (a man about 30 years old) walked in, sat down on the floor in front of the room and began talking. Apparently the students had been writing stories because the teacher asked if anyone would like to give him one of their stories to read out loud to the class. On my desk in front of me lay a folder which contained about 50 pages of stories which I had written. I thought I might like to give the teacher one of my stories, but I wasn't sure I was quite ready for that. I began looking through my papers for an appropriate story.

When some commotion abruptly started outside the windows, and it looked as if some military vehicles were pulling up, I gradually realized the teacher was having some problems. He began talking about smoking marijuana and he said something about "taking a hit from a bong." Since he was sitting on the floor, I thought about asking him if I could also sit on the floor. I knew teachers in the past never allowed students to sit on the floor, but this teacher was apparently a super liberal.

I continued looking through my papers. I was searching for a particular short story which was only three pages long. I fretted that someone else would hand the teacher a story first and that he wouldn't reach mine.

Finally, when one of the soldiers walked up to the window and said something, the teacher stood up and walked outside. It looked as if he were going to have some kind of problem. I didn't know exactly what was going on, but I was thinking to myself that I didn't know that teachers were smoking pot and talking about it. Apparently the military convoy had arrived for the teacher. I wasn't sure whether they were going to take him away.

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