Dream of: 31 October 2010 "Set Free"

While Michelle and I were in a park in Columbus, Ohio, I noticed some movement in a swampy area of the park. I walked over to investigate and thought I saw an animal. Looking closer, I realized the animal was a duck, a mallard, lying on dry ground. I walked right up to it. It looked as if it had been injured, as if it were unable to move, and as if its wing had been broken. I reached down, picked up the duck, and held it in my arms. The duck had a sack over part of its head. I pulled off the sack, then pulled off a rope tied around the duck's mouth.

As soon as I had pulled off the sack and the rope, the duck appeared to recuperate completely and was once again able to move. I let go and it started to take off, but I grabbed it again. I hesitated, then decided to set it free. I released the duck and it took off flying.

I felt good because I thought I had saved the duck.

I returned to Michelle and we continued walking around the park. I told her we might be able to find my old friend Ramey because I thought Ramey lived in Columbus. I thought we might be able to obtain some marijuana from Ramey. But then I remembered that Ramey was dead.

Michelle and I finally reached a large building where people were standing in line. Apparently a complex of pharmacies operated inside the building. It looked as if the same line was used for all the different pharmacies, although I didn't know how a person reached a particular pharmacy. Since Michelle apparently needed to go to one of the pharmacies, she and I stepped into line, and I stood there with her.

I felt good about being in Columbus. The place seemed interesting.

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