Dream of: 29 October 2010 "Scummy Whore"

Michelle and I had gone to a small house in the country where we planned to spend the weekend. I had taken three little white 30 milligram Oxycontin pills with me. When I looked for them, however, I couldn't find them. I noticed that Michelle looked a bit loopy and discovered that she had taken the pills. Apparently she had picked them up after I had laid them down. I became quite angry. Disgusted with her, I told her she was "nothing but a scummy whore." The only thing she wanted to do was take pills.

She had also brought three little light-blue pills of which she still had a couple which she showed to me.  A chip was missing from each pill so only about three fourths of each remained. After I told her to give me one, I took one from her and was just about to take it, when I remembered that I still had three more white pills in my pocket that Michelle didn't know about. I wanted to get the pills out of my pocket, because I knew if Michelle found out that I had them, she would likewise take those from me. I quickly slipped them out of my pocket and put them up on the refrigerator without her seeing. I thought I would retrieve the pills later.

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