Dream of: 27 October 2010 "Beating A Rhythm"

I was attending a class reunion. Not many people had shown up. I finally lay down next to woman who was apparently the wife of someone there. She was wearing a skirt, and I was naked from the waist down, so my partially erect penis was rubbing against her bare leg. Suddenly everyone stood up and I also stood. Apparently it was time to leave. I didn't know if anyone had seen what I had been doing and I tried to pull my tee-shirt down over my penis, but I was still worried people would notice my erection. I overheard someone say that if a vote were taken as to who would be most likely to cause a scandal, I would win.

Lying on a nearby table was a little pamphlet which contained information and pictures about the members of my class. I wanted to make sure I had one of the programs and I picked one up. I opened the pamphlet and saw a list of the names. As I ran my eyes over the list, it appeared to be incomplete. I specifically looked for the name of "Hurley" because I knew Hurley hadn't actually graduated, although he had originally been in my class. Thus I was curious whether his name would be on the list. I didn't think he would be on the list, and indeed he wasn't. 

When everyone walked outside of the building, I found myself on a city street lined with shops. While everyone else walked along, I climbed on the back of an elephant and rode the elephant down the street. In my right hand I was holding a long silver dagger, while lying in front of me on the elephant's back was some kind of metal plate. I began pounding the tip of the dagger on the plate, the same as hitting a drum with a drumstick, beating out a march-rhythm as we all proceeded along the sidewalk.

As we passed the little shops and outdoor cafes, I thought I noticed George W. Bush sitting at a table in one cafe. As we drew closer, however, I couldn't tell if the person was Bush, and we rode on by.

When we reached a corner where a green plant was growing, the elephant balked and wouldn't go straight on. Instead we turned left and headed down a narrow shop-lined corridor.

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