Dream of: 26 October 2010 (2) "Entering China"

Carolina and I had arrived in a car at the border of China. We were getting ready to go through customs and our car was absolutely stuffed with our possessions. We started unloading everything into a little room. I had plastic boxes full of stuff. I particularly noticed old video assessments and a lot of clothes on hangars. Much of the clothing was for women. I was unsure how the possessions would be tabulated and I started trying to count everything. I counted up the clothing and the video cassettes. I also had some pieces of hardware which I had bought and never used, including some little wheels which could be put on the bottom of furniture.

When I noticed a Chinese woman watching us, I asked her if she worked there. She said she did. I asked her how the system worked and she said we would be allowed $100 apiece. I realized everything would be worth much more than that. I began thinking perhaps I could say that everything wasn't worth anything and that I was just taking it in for charity.

I thought I might simply have to leave everything behind. It really didn't matter, even though I had been thinking that I might be able to sell everything at a flea market in China and make money on it. If I wasn't able to take it in, however, I would simply leave it behind, because I definitely wanted to go into China.

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