Dream of: 26 October 2010 "Pilgrimage"

I was in a desolate area covered with pale rocks. Some boys who lived in the area were accompanying me. People were apparently arriving in the area on a pilgrimage. Along with other people, I was standing near a high rock cliff. A rock wall with holes in it ran along the edge of the cliff. Through the holes I was able to see the magnificent view. I climbed around, trying to find the best place to see the view.

I finally reached a wall-less ledge, sat down on the edge, and looked out into the far distance. Two men were standing nearby. One man (who was bald and probably in his 40s) was wearing a black robe. Both men stepped further out onto a lower ledge which looked very dangerous. Thinking they wanted me to follow, I gasped, "Oh, no."

They passed out of my sight. When I moved so I could see them, I only saw one man sitting on the lower ledge. I asked him if the other man had fallen. Then I looked down, and saw the other man plummeting down the craggy cliff, crashing from rock to rock. Suddenly he stopped. I saw that two other men who were down lower on the cliff had grabbed the falling man and saved him.

The man, obviously injured, stood to his feet and looked out at the vista. Suddenly he stamped his right foot and jumped off the cliff. He again plummeted, crashing into rocks on his way down. While he fell, he finally stretched out his arms and legs and smashed to the ground at the bottom of the cliff. I was astounded that the man had killed himself like that. I didn't know what to think. I sat there in shock.

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