Dream of: 25 October 2010 "Eight-Track Tapes"

I was in a domed stadium, about 5 p.m., when I met a fellow who worked there. When I found out he had been excavating in an area under the floor of the stadium, I told him I had been down there under the floor years ago. When he asked me when I had been down there, I thought back, and although I wasn't sure I was correct, I finally said, "1972." 

I told the fellow I had discovered a huge cave under the stadium's floor. He apparently hadn't yet discovered the cave, and I was unsure he believed what I was telling him. I knew, however, that I was now interested in joining the fellow in his excavations.

As we talked, I noticed a bunch of stuff lying over to the side and I recalled that I had recently been working in the stadium and I had brought all this stuff in there. Among the items were three or four two-drawer wooden file cabinets filled with all kinds of papers and files. A bunch of coins were also lying amidst the stuff. When I told the fellow that the coins belonged to me, I knew he must be dubious as he watched me scoop up some of the silver coins and copper pennies and stuff them in my pocket.

I suddenly remembered I was supposed to go on a little trip with my uncle Liston, Jr. (1928-1996) that very evening. He was supposed to pick me up there at the stadium. I looked at my watch and saw that it was already almost 6 p.m. and that the stadium was starting to fill up with people in the bleachers. I also noticed I had an ink-stamp on my hand so I could leave the stadium and come back in.

I wanted to take all my possessions with me when I left. I thought all my things would be carted off and disposed of if I didn't take them. I realized, however, that I had too much stuff and I probably wouldn't be able to take it all. I quickly began looking through the file cabinets, trying to figure out what was in them. The cabinets seemed to contain stuff which I had collected over the years and which I didn't want to lose. I saw a file for Neil Young and also a picture of Young. I then saw a couple old eight-track tapes. One said "Matisse" and the other said "Picasso" on the front. Both tapes had colorful pictures on the fronts which I thought had been painted by Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso. At the same time, I thought the "Picasso" tape might be by a band named "Picasso." I was sure I wanted to keep those tapes.

I began thinking I might have to postpone my trip so I would have time to haul all my stuff out of the stadium. I feared someone would take everything if I left it there overnight. I wasn't sure what I was going to do.

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