Dream of: 24 October 2010 "Learning To Dance"

I was driving a car with my mother in the front passenger seat. As we came upon the house where Altizer lived when we were in the fourth grade, I pulled in and stopped. We walked into the house and found Altizer's mother. Only about 25 years old, she was very pretty, black-haired, and wearing a dress. As I walked around the house, I asked her where Altizer was. She said he lived in a house nearby with his wife.

As we talked I picked up things and looked at them. I picked up a little box and pulled about 20 silver keys out of the box and held them in my hand. As I looked at her, I realized that she was a young woman and her husband was growing old. I thought she must be 20 years older than I, then I thought she might only be 10 years older. I thought I might possibly be able to start seeing her.

We talked more and she said she sometimes went out and about. She said she had been out that day riding a four-wheeler which was now parked in the adjacent room.

As I prepared to leave, I looked for a box in which to put the keys. I picked up a box with some silverware, but I knew that wasn't the right box. Then I picked up a little red box and I asked her if that was the box from which I had taken the keys. She said no, but I put the keys in the box anyway. She walked over to me, good-naturedly took the keys out of the box and put them back where they belonged.

The more I thought about it, the more sure I was that I would like to see more of her. I thought maybe would start doing something together, like learning to dance. I had always wanted to know how to dance. Maybe we could learn to dance together.

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