Dream of: 21 October 2010 "The Duet"

A black girl (about 20 years old) and I had gone to a house where we were supposed to sing a duet together. She and I both had papers which contained the lyrics to the song. We sat down in one room, while other people were sitting in another room, waiting for us. Realizing we hadn't even practiced the song, I looked at her and told her I wished we had a least practiced a little.

She stood up, walked over and stood beside me. She looked on her paper for her lyrics, but they weren't there. I suddenly realized the paper she was holding was a little daily publication instead of the lyrics of the song.

As she looked on at my paper, I began singing while she stood listening. I realized that she was almost a professional singer. Nevertheless, I didn't think I sounded too bad.

The people in the adjoining room continued assembling, getting ready for us to walk in and sing to them.

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