Dream of: 19 October 2010 (2) "Metamorphosis"

I had acquired the ability to turn into a little sparrow. I was flying about 30 kilometers from a place where I was living in the country into a neighboring town. I planned to stay in the town for a while, then fly back to the country. While at the town, I would turn back into a person for a while and walk around. I would also turn back into a person when I returned home in the country.

As I was flying, I passed over some stacks of ears of hard corn. I also passed over a lot which was filled with orangish bags of M&Ms. Since nobody knew who I was, I thought to myself that I could swoop down and pick up an ear of corn or a bag of M&Ms and no one would know who had taken it. I thought seriously of stealing something, but I hadn't yet done it.

I began wondering how it was possible for my body to change like that, to change into a bird and back into a person. I tried to visualize the metamorphosis. I began thinking that instead of turning into a sparrow, maybe I would turn into an eagle. I wasn't sure I would be able to do that, but I thought I might try.

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