Dream of: 19 October 2010 "History Of Wars"

My mother (probably in her early 40s) and I had just arrived at a city in France. We boarded a bus (packed with people) which headed out into the country. Unfortunately, we didn't want to go to the country and I realized we had made a mistake. Everyone on the bus seemed to be speaking English. I thought to myself that French people had to learn English because English was such an important language in the world. I reflected on the long history of wars in which England had tried to conquer France and had failed. Yet in the end, England had actually conquered France with the language.

As we continued on, I kept looking at the bus driver, thinking I would have to walk up and ask him if the bus was going to make a circuit and return to the place where he had picked us up. I still wasn't sure, but I thought we would be able to return to where we wanted to go.

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