Dream of: 17 October 2010 "Damaged Walls"

I owned a cottage across the street from my Eighth Street House. I had rented the cottage to Michelle's mother, Ann. When I went to the cottage to visit and I walked inside, I was shocked to discover writing all over the walls. The writing wasn't normal, but was in the form of strange characters, about five centimeters tall, smeared on the light-green walls. Some sections of the walls were covered with the characters, while others sections contained nothing.

The walls appeared to be make of concrete and in some places the concrete had been chipped out, leaving holes in the walls. The damage wasn't serious - it could be re-plastered and re-painted.

I looked for Ann. I wasn't sure who all was living there, but I thought some other people might be in the house. I walked from room to room, looking for her. I wanted to discuss the situation with her and decide what to do about the damage.

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