Dream of: 16 October 2010 "Conque Del Dolor"

Several students and I were studying under Goethe. I was about 27 years old and I had started my studies later than the other students. The system of study was very unorthodox. We were studying in the place where Goethe actually lived and I wasn't prepared for the way he taught. It became clear that his method involved a total immersion of myself in the studies.

One day, after Goethe had left, I walked around the classroom and discovered a bed in an adjoining area. I stood by the bed, thinking about how intense the situation was. I hadn't previously realized I would be required to immerse my entire being in the subjects which Goethe was teaching. Now I was experiencing pain. I felt as if the force of the studies was overtaking me.

In my hand I was holding a very old book which I had been reading. Even the cover was made of paper. I thought about how valuable the old books must be which Goethe had around the place. I thought he sometimes actually gave some of his books away to his students. An imperfection existed in the book. At the bottom of the front cover, the corner hadn't been cut correctly so a little extra paper had been left and folded back, as is sometimes seen in books. I unfolded the little corner piece.

Experiencing a feeling of pain, I stood beside the bed, book in hand, and read. Suddenly a certain exuberance seemed to well up in me as I read the words, "Conque del dolor."

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