Dream of: 08 October 2010 "Chinese Pottery"

I was at an evening high school football game at Spartan Football Stadium in Portsmouth, Ohio. The game appeared to be between Portsmouth High School and another high school team. I decided to watch the game. Bleachers were along one side of the field and at one end of the field. I wanted to sit in the Portsmouth section, but I didn't know which section that was. People sitting on the side of the field were dressed in blue, and those sitting at the end of the field were dressed in red. I walked along the blue section, looking for a shirt which had "Portsmouth" written on it, but I couldn't find any. I asked a fellow sitting on the side of the field which section was for Portsmouth, and it looked as if he pointed to the red section at the end of the field, so I headed there. I walked to the red section, but I still didn't see any writing on anyone's shirt. Plus, hardly anyone was sitting in the red section.

Suddenly someone screamed and it looked as if one team had scored. I heard someone holler, "Portsmouth wins!"

It looked as if the game had ended. People were running off the field. Portsmouth had apparently won, even though I still wasn't sure which color was Portsmouth. I tried to look at the scoreboard, but I couldn't see it well. As people started leaving, I heard someone talking, and I asked a fellow where he had come from. He replied, "Memphis."

I concluded the red team had traveled all the way to Portsmouth from Memphis. That explained why so few people were in the red section. I thought they had probably all piled into one car and ridden up.

As I headed out of the Stadium, I had to go through the tunnel-like area under the old concrete bleachers. As I proceeded, I noticed something lying on the ground and I stopped to look closer. It was a little metal advertising standee of a coke bottle, only about five centimeters tall. It was obviously quite old. Then I found a couple more of the same thing. I thought some kind of sale had problem taken place there, and the old standees had been accidentally left behind.

I looked more into the shadows and discovered a couple pieces of blue and white Chinese pottery. Then I found yet a couple more pieces of pottery. I picked up everything and put it all in a plastic bag which I had. I decided to simply take what I had found and I hoped no one would stop me. Before I headed out, I set the bag down on the concrete for a moment. I immediately realized that I had been careless and that I could have broken the pottery when I had set down the bag, but it didn't sound as if anything had broken. I thought perhaps I should stick everything in the pockets of the black leather coat which I was wearing.

If someone tried to stop me and asked me where I had obtained everything, I thought I could simply say I had bought the items from someone there at the stadium. I headed for the exit.

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