Dream of: 02 October 2010 "Trapped"

 I was in a big pickup truck with a muscular fellow (probably in his late 20s) who was wearing a white tee-shirt. He drove the truck by the Alexandria Park which overlooks the confluence of the Scioto and the Ohio Rivers in Portsmouth, Ohio. From our vantage point, I could look down and see the a new black-top road had been laid along the edge of the Ohio River. It looked as if a new park was also been created along the river.

I recalled an island which was just offshore in the Scioto River, but when I looked for the island, I didn't see it anywhere. When I said something to the fellow about the island, he drove the truck down a ramp to the edge of the river. I became worried when he seemed to be driving too close to the water. As he tried to turn the truck around, he actually drove out into the water. Somehow the truck was able to continue moving in the water and the fellow successfully pulled back on land. He drove back up the ramp to the top.

I was beginning to worry about the fellow, suspecting he might have a bad intent toward me. He drove the truck right up next to the flood wall so my door wouldn't open. I realized I was trapped and unable to exit the truck. I suddenly realized the fellow was going to try to kill me. I tried to think of some way out of the situation, but it looked as if I were going to have to fight the fellow and try to escape.

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