Dream of: 26 September 2010 "Overpriced Superman"

discarded power fades away

 I was at a closed-down school where an auction was being held in a big auditorium and everything at the school was being sold. I had been at the school the previous day and I had now returned because I was interested in buying something. Instead of staying in the auditorium, however, I strolled off into another mall-like section where little stores had been set up. I walked into one little store which was full of stuff being sold outright and not at the auction. Someone said everything was being sold for fifteen cents and up.

The store was crammed with decent merchandise, but nothing had a price on it. Finally I found a fellow (about 35 years old) who worked there and I started asking him the prices of certain items, but the prices he gave me seemed too high. When I found some piles of brand new comic books, I picked up some Superman comics and he said they were 50 cents apiece. I thought the Superman comics were clearly overpriced and that they should only be about a dime apiece.

After I asked him about something else which seemed very expensive, he led me to a little room off to the side, pointed to a bottom shelf and said there were some DVD movies down there. After he walked away, I looked for the DVDs and I found boxes full of other stuff, but no DVDs.

I looked at the comics again. I picked up a bunch, then disdainfully threw them down.

I walked back into the main area where other people were browsing. I knew everything in the store must be sold by the following day, so they were going to have to sell things quickly. I glanced at some clothes which were for sale. As I headed toward the front of the store, a fellow who was apparently the owner of the store walked up. Suddenly two fellows brushed past us. They were each carrying armfuls of clothes, as much as they could carry. They walked right out the front door, obviously stealing the clothes. The owner saw them and chased after them into the mall area in front of the store. He quickly stopped however, and obviously the thieves were going to escape.

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