Dream of: 25 September 2010 "Gold Jewelry"

 I was in a house located where the empty lot normally stretched on the west side of the 17th Street House. Michelle's half-brother, Howard (about 17 years old), was with me. He was using my computer. We talked for a while until he finally stood up and said he was going to leave. I was a little disappointed because I had been enjoying his company and I asked him if he had to leave already. Suddenly, however, I realized I hadn't even been allowing him to visit me anymore, so it seemed strange that I wanted him to stay.

When he headed toward the back door, I jumped up and followed him. We walked out the back door unto the porch, which was connected to the porch of my 17th Street House. We walked across the porches and entered the back kitchen door of my House. As we walked through the kitchen, I noticed six or seven pieces of gold jewelry lying on the counter. I realized that the jewelry belonged to Michelle and that I had left it lying there in my kitchen. I recalled that Michelle had also recently been in the House. I realized that Howard might have picked up the jewelry and taken it if I hadn't been right behind him. As I followed him straight through the kitchen, I thought I needed to put the jewelry up somewhere. I followed Howard out to the front porch, and he left.

I noticed that a piece of heavy equipment front loader with a bucket on the front was cleaning up some grass which was growing on the street by the curb. Even a couple trees were growing in the street. The front loader pushed out the trees. I was glad to see the trees being removed. One large tree, about a meter from the curb, however, was left standing. The front loader then moved in front of the neighbor's house and started cleaning out the street there. Some water which had been backed up in front of the neighbor's house broke loose and started flowing toward my sidewalk. The water had a smell to it as if it had been sitting for a long time, but it didn't bother me because I knew it would quickly dry. The fellow operating the front loader asked me where I wanted the water to flow.

I noticed some white tile lying on my porch and my neighbor's porch. The tile looked as if it had been pulled up from the street. Somehow the porch even seemed connected to the street.

I thought I needed to clean up the place because I thought I would soon be going to my class reunion which would be held soon. I hadn't thought I would attend the reunion, but now I thought I probably would.

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