Dream of: 24 September 2010 "Forgotten Cases"

 Another fellow (probably in his late 20s) and I were on the west side of Fort Worth, Texas. We had entered some underground chambers and were walking around in a labyrinthine area consisting of various concrete rooms. I had never been there before and found the place interesting. We walked and walked. It was damp in some areas and water stood on the floor. I had a light which I shined on the water and saw some fish, some rather large. One fish was large and round, about 20 centimeters in diameter. I told the fellow I had heard someone mention this place before and the person had said that "flying fish" were down there. I told the fellow I might want to return there and fish. I thought about my old friend Jon, who I knew lived in that area, and I thought maybe Jon and I could return together and do some fishing.

After we continued walking, I came across a box of 45 RPM records. I grabbed up some out of the box.  I looked through the records, thinking those were the kind of things I liked. A couple were by Beethoven, but I could tell that none of the records were valuable. The other fellow also saw the records and was interested in them. He picked up a couple with picture sleeves. I didn't know why I hadn't picked up the records with picture sleeves since I knew they were more valuable.

The fellow and I continued walking until we finally came out into an upstairs room. I realized we had come out into a courthouse. Suddenly I recalled that I still had a legal case pending in this very courthouse. I had completely forgotten the case. Furthermore, I realized the fellow with me was the very person whom I was representing in the case. I then remembered there were actually two cases. One was a criminal misdemeanor case and the other was a civil case. I thought perhaps both cases had already been dismissed. I needed to immediately check on both cases. I might have to post a new bond in the misdemeanor case, since I had been negligent. If I couldn't restart the civil case, I might have to pay the fellow a small amount of money for whatever he might have lost.

After having poked our head into the courthouse, we returned to the underground chambers and walked around some more. We finally came out again, somewhere out in the country. I could see two huge brick buildings which stood overtop of the chambers. I now knew the brick buildings were the courthouses. Now that I knew where the courthouses were, I thought I needed to take care of my business there as soon as possible.

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