The power which sex had over me had seemed simply too strong to overcome, so I had simply given in to the intensely pleasurable pleasure of sex.

Dream of: 23 September 2010 (2) "Loafing"

 A hefty Hispanic fellow (probably in his late 20s) and I had gone to a cottage in West Portsmouth on the west side of the Scioto River. The cottage was a place where people went to loaf. After we entered, we walked back to the bedroom and sat down on the bed. I heard someone walk into the front room and suddenly Michelle's black-haired mother, Kim (in her late 30s), walked into the bedroom and began talking. For some reason, when she walked up close to me, I was aroused by seeing her. I had never touched her and I didn't know if doing so would be appropriate, but when she edged closer and closer, I finally put my arm around her back. I was still sitting on the bed and she was standing next to the bed, while the other fellow was still lying on the bed.

With my arm resting in the area over the top of her pants in back, I ran my finger along her skin. It seemed as if she might not be wearing any panties. She moved closer and closer until we were finally lying next to each other on the bed. I thought about kissing her, but I really didn't want to do so. I thought she was being friendly because she probably wanted me to give her some money. She probably wanted to buy some crack and I figured someone in the house probably had some.

I hadn't seen Michelle lately and I hadn't had any sex at all for about a week, so I quickly had an erection. I wondered what Michelle would think if she knew I was with her mother.

Suddenly, I seemed to snap and I didn't want to proceed. I stood up and asked the mother, "What is it you want?"

I really didn't want to give her anything, but I thought I probably would. When she didn't say anything, I asked the other fellow where his pot was (I knew he had some marijuana). When he pulled out a little tray with some pot on it, I thought I would roll a joint. A roach was already in the pot, but I intended to roll up a whole new joint. I liked the fellow. He was friendly and accommodating.

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