Dream of: 23 September 2010 "Sick Fish"

 While in the rear living room of the 17th Street House, I noticed a huge glass container (about two meters tall) full of water. A beautiful round blue fish (about 15 centimeters long) which resembled an angel fish was swimming inside the container. I now recalled that Michelle had told me she had put a blue fish in the House, even though I didn't know how she had been able to enter the House and do so. Clearly, however, she had been able to. As I watched the fish, I thought I needed to give it some food. When the fish descended to the bottom of the container and lay on its side, I thought it might be sick. Perhaps the water was running out of oxygen. Perhaps I needed to siphon out the water and put new water in the container. Even though the fish might already be too sick, I nevertheless, thought I needed to change the water and try to save it.

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