Dream of: 21 September 2010 "Jimi Hendrix"

I returned home to the girl with whom I was living and discovered another man playing a guitar in the house. The girl told me the fellow was Jimi Hendrix. Surprised, I said, "Ok."

The fellow was a light-skinned black, a little pudgy, about 40 years old. He played the guitar a while longer, then stopped and sat down on the couch. I walked over to the couch, sat down beside and said, "You're not Jimi Hendrix,"

He responded enthusiastically, "Yea."

I didn't believe him. He didn't look like Jimi Hendrix. We started discussing whether he was really Hendrix until he finally stood up and walked over to the window. We were on the second floor of the building. He hollered to someone outside, "What street do I live on?"

Then he hollered out, "Who am I?"

Someone hollered back, "Jimi Hendrix!" Other people in the street also hollered back, "Jimi Hendrix!"

Suddenly I believed him. I thought he was truly Jimi Hendrix. I thought of asking him to play something, but I couldn't think of the name of the song. The only song I could think of was "The Star-Spangled Banner." He sat back down and I said, "I've got a bunch of your albums. I don't listen to them."

I noticed another woman (about 30 years old) was with him. She laughed at what I had said. I thought of explaining how I had gone to a pawn shop one day and found a bunch of his albums and I had bought about 30 of them. I had recently looked in a price guide to see if they were worth much. They weren't. Perhaps five dollars apiece.

I thought about asking for his autograph, but I didn't really want to do that. I was thrilled simply sitting there with Jimi Hendrix.

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