Dream of: 20 September 2010 "Missing Money"

While my sister (18-19 years old) and another girl were in the 17th Street House, sitting over to the side, talking, I recalled I had left $150 in cash underneath a tall porcelain statue of a woman carrying a vase which sat on my mantel in the front room. When I walked over to the mantel, lifted up the statue and found the money had disappeared, I immediately knew my sister had stolen the money. When I walked back to her and accused her, she at first tried to deny it, but finally she gave in and admitted she had taken the money. I knew she had been smoking marijuana and I thought she had spent all the money for drugs. When I accused her of using the money for dope, she didn't deny it.

I told her I was thinking about calling our father and telling him about it. I stood there berating her until I finally picked up the phone, intending to report to my father what she had done. When I told my sister she was going to have to leave, she stood up and prepared to depart, but the other girl remained sitting, clearly refusing to leave. I immediately called the police. When I walked over to the other girl and told her the police were coming, she was then ready to leave.

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